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Celebrating 13 people who stood against nuclear weapons and crossed the line at the Y-12 bomb plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on July 5, 2010. On May 9-11, 2011, 12 of the resisters (Steve Baggarly of Norfolk, Virginia; Brad Lyttle of Chicago, Illinois; Jackie Hudson of Poulsbo, Washington; Bill Bichsel of Seattle Washington; Bonnie Urfer of Luck, Wisconsin; Mary Dennis Lentsch of Washburn, Tennessee; Beth Rosdatter of Lexington, Kentucky, Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte of Baltimore, Maryland; Michael Walli of Duluth, Minnesota; Dennis DuVall of Prescott, Arizona; and Jean Gump of Bloomington, Michigan) were tried in Federal Court in Knoxville, Tennessee, and convicted of trespassing. The trial of resister David Corcoran of Des Plaines, Illinois, was postponed because of his illness. For more information visit

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