Digital Downloads from Kernodle.Photography


For most Kernodle.Photography galleries and collections, both low resolution and high resolution digital download options as described below are available for purchase under the "BUY" menu.  As further described below, instead of the high resolution option, we recommend the better value of buying your pints and photo products from Kernodle.Photography.  The descriptions below include a general description of uses allowed with each type of download purchase.  A License setting forth those specific uses and rights is provided with each download and the full text of the License can also be viewed from the BUY menu before ordering. 


1.  Low Resolution for online use only  --  The License provided with the download purchase gives the buyer the right to use the purchased image online only.  The low resolution is not suitable for printing and the license does not allow for printing for any purpose.  For most galleries and collections, 5, 10, and up to 50 pack downloads are available at discounted prices. 


2.  High Resolution for personal use -- The License provided with the download purchase gives the buyer the right to use the purchased image for personal purposes including prints and online use.  The license does not allow ANY non-personal use and it expressly prohibits "for profit" or other commercial use.  For most galleries and collections,  a 5 pack download is available at a discounted price. 


While the license provided with the High Resolution download option allows you to print the image for personal use, if you are purchasing downloads primarily for the purpose of printing them, we strongly encourage you to consider the better value of ordering your prints through Kernodle.Photography instead of purchasing the digital download.  We review and approve each print order to check for appropriate cropping and image resolution before the order is processed and we use the MpixPro Lab for large prints.  In addition to prints, photo products are also available.  If you do not see the product you are looking for, contact Kernodle.Photography and we can probably get it for you through one of Zenfolio's lab partners or arrange for it through a different lab.  We would also be happy to create a custom image(s) for you, e.g, conversion to black & white or sepia, adding graphics, create a college or poster, create a custom photo album, etc.     


If you wish to consider buying a full resolution image for a commercial use, please contact Kernodle.Photography to discuss your needs and the applicable pricing and conditions.


John P. Kernodle



[email protected]